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It’d really suck if I got ice or water-themed superpowers. I’d have to wear blue and white and gray instead of the reds and oranges I prefer.

wear the reds and oranges and pull an iceland/greenland on em

“I have cornered you in this aquarium, where your fire powers are useless!”

“Fire powers? Dude, I’m an ice hero. I freeze shit and manipulate water. Also, I love aquariums. Thanks for the free entry!”

“But… you’re dressed like Guy Fieri…?”

“Yeah haha. I have an autumnal complexion.”

Also, no superhero should have a name that gives away the power set.

Misdirection - “Get him, Lasereye!”
“Haha, my mirror will deflect your, wait, why are you made of stone now?”

They call him laser eye because he once blinded himself with a laser pointer and it was the funniest shit they’d ever seen

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